Issue 42.1
Summer/Fall 2021

Jabberwock Review Cover Summer/Fall 2021

Table of Contents

Eleanor Vigneault This Little Piggy Got Some 14
Craig M. Foster The Dowsing of Linus Spalding 35
Senny George Home 57
Douglas A. Wright Palindromes 76
Skittles 92
Erik Wilbur At the Mandatory Active-Shooter Training 7
Shelly Stewart Cato Maybe, Everything, Rewind, Reverse 9
First Month in New York 12
Ashley M. Thomas atlantis 29
John Blair Junk 31
Eclogue 13: The Altar of the Hand 33
Joanna Englert At My Last Supper Play Me Laverne & Shirley 52
Usual Casualties 54
Peggy Hammond Residue 56
IsaacGeorge Lauritsen October 72
Jae Dyche Father Listening to AM Radio, 1966 74