Issue 44.1 Summer/Fall 2023

Issue 44.1
Summer/Fall 2023

Jabberwock 44.1 Cover

Table of Contents

Callie G. Mauldin Paradise Island 12
Saudha Kasim The Road to Riyam 43
Suzanne Manizza Roszak Voicemail 86
Cody Smith On Reading Richard Hugo Far from Home 7
Thinking of Robbie Millsap while Teaching Freshman Composition 10
Romeo Oriogun A Letter from the Village of Trees 28
JD Amick A Winter Sacrifice 30
Untitled River Poem 32
Intrustive Thoughts While Driving Home Up Lakeshore Drive 34
Nancy Carol Moody Orphan 35
Richard Foerster Puppy Piles 37
Robert McDonald Van Gogh Paints Sunflowers 40
Sunflowers (One) 41
Sunflowers (Two) 42
Tomaž Šalamun Dioceses Translated by Brian Henry 58
Portraits Translated by Brian Henry 59
Feast Translated by Brian Henry 61
Upbringing Translated by Brian Henry 63
Sheep Gate Translated by Brian Henry 67
Kaecey McCormick Grief 68
At the Root 70
Mary Christine Delea I Need to Believe that Seagulls Know They Are Creating Memories 80
What We Can't Take With Us 82
Bridled 84
Lauren Emily Whalen How to Make Yourself at Home While Naked in a Closet 71