Issue 43.2 Winter/Spring 2023

Issue 43.2
Winter/Spring 2023

Jabberwock 43.2

Table of Contents

Joanna Pearson The Dragonflies 10
Adam McOmber Halloween Story 40
Youn Rourke Getaway 48
Nicole Beckley The Bride Wore Red 62
Dan Rivas Apples 66
Jessica Poli Finches 7
Floristry 8
Michael Montlack Running Water 37
Kathryn Bratt-Pfotenhauer In the Morgue 38
Romana Iorga Ghazal to Ward Off Oblivion 39
Daisy Bassen Dear Alien Overloards... 42
Dear Alien Overlords, Evil Supervillians, Misguided Scientists and Hikers Who Said What the Hell and Ate the Mushroom 42
Rachael Inciarte muscle memory 43
Lavonne J. Adams Intermittent Rain 44
Therese Gleason Time of Death 46
Heather Truett Outside the Kingdom Hall in 1982 60
Anja Semanco Quark Soup 28
Kayla Cayasso If We Were Birds 53